Meet Exoceuticals® Partner Dr. Nicole Martin

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More About theMedical Professional, Mom &Real Housewives of Miami Star

As a renowned board-certified anesthesiologist, a devoted mother of two, and a Bravo reality television star, saying Dr. Nicole Martin is busy would be an understatement. She can also add entrepreneur to her resume, thanks to her partnership with Exoceuticals®, where her involvement goes well beyond the surface. Read on to learn more about the Real Housewives of Miami star’s passion for skincare and medical science and her views on topicals, injectable treatments, and staying protected from the sun.

Q: How did you discover Dr. Robin and Exoceuticals®?

As a physician, I’ve always been passionate about health and wellness. Since medical school, I’ve been a science geek and my curiosity always drove me to look at research and data to figure things out. As I started noticing subtle signs of aging in my skin (I’m turning 40 this year), I wanted to know what recent developments and studies were being done that could help my skin and my health. During my reading, I came across a plethora of studies about stem cells and exosomes.

The field of exosomes has made marvelous advances over the last 30 years and has become a “hot topic” in the field of regenerative medicine.

Exosomes have been used in various therapeutic applications, including studies looking at their function as biomarkers, drug delivery systems, vaccines, wound healing, tissue repair, and skincare. Through my research, I discovered the work ofDr. Robin Smith. She is a world-renowned biotech visionary, and one of the absolute leaders in the space of regenerative medicine, stem cells, and exosomes. It was after speaking with her that my passion for exosome research really blossomed. I learned so much from her and quickly realized the benefits and potential of exosomes. That’s how we began our relationship, and I joined the Exoceuticals family.

Q: Tell us about your journey with skincare in general. What kinds of beauty treatments, cosmetic dermatology, and medical aesthetics treatments have you tried?

I’ve tried so many skincare products ranging from drugstore brands to high end department store lines to medical grade products. I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to find the best products for my skin.

Over the last decade, my thoughts on cosmetic procedures have shifted. My goal now is to help my own body do the best that it can.

I do not believe there is one magic bullet to prevent aging and treat the skin. It’s multifactorial.

I get monthly facials fromskincare specialists and have become a big fan of microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening to heat the dermis and stimulate collagen and elastin production. I follow it up with the application of our Exoceuticals® products. I also like EMface to stimulate and tighten the muscles of the face. I also incorporate the use ofBotox, a neurotoxin, for wrinkle reduction and to relax muscles of the forehead and eyes. I have used fillers previously, but I’ve moved away from using them. I would personally prefer to stimulate my own skin’s collagen production versus using an exogenous product. I had somedermal filler placed previously and felt it migrated with time and created an uneven appearance as it dissolved. That’s not to say that there isn’t a time or place for fillers – it is just not my primary focus right now.

Q: Tell us your skincare routine and secrets to looking flawless.

In my mid-30s, when I noticed the subtle signs of aging and sun damage, my interest in skincare piqued. Since then, I have been committed topreventative skincare. When I think of skincare and aging, I like to think of it in two parts – extrinsic (meaning things outside of yourself: your environment, UV exposure, air, pollution, smoking, nutrition) and intrinsic factors (from within you: cellular and hormonal changes).

I protect my skin from the sun every day by attempting to cover up, wear protective clothing, use a minimum of SPF 30 daily, avoid smoke exposure, stay hydrated, try to get adequate sleep (although this one is tough with a newborn), limit alcohol and dehydration, eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, and exercise to improve circulation. If I do happen to spend a lot of time outside, I use our EXO SUN™ After Sun Treatment with aloe3 and eXo3 exosomes that have been shown to decrease the inflammatory markers in the skin after sun exposure.

I have spoken to a lot of skin experts and when it comes to intrinsic skin aging, it’s a time dependent and inevitable process.

As we age, our skin layers become thinner, leading to water loss, dryness, and coarseness of the skin. We have a natural reduction in the collagen and elastin of our skin, leading to thinning and formation offine lines. I target my skincare routine to address these intrinsic factors.

My standard daytime routine is the following: I always start off with a gentle cleanser, nothing harsh that can irritate my skin. Gentle washing helps remove pollution, makeup, and other substances that can clog your pores. Next, I apply my serums forskin rejuvenation. I use ourEXO C-Serum™ Vitamin C Treatment first followed by theEXO H-Serum™ Hyaluronic Acid Treatment . Hyaluronic acid is a super hydrator. It helps bind moisture to the skin, boost collagen production, plus smooths and plumps the skin. I specifically love ourEXO H-Serum™ because it has 7 different types of hyaluronic acid, making it optimal forskin health and hydration that is both instant and long lasting. I use theEXO C-Serum™ first, asit has antioxidant properties that protect the skin from environmental damage, like UV rays and free radicals.

Next, I apply a facial moisturizer to trap water in my skin and follow it up with sunscreen application during the day. At night, I prefer a richer texture cream like ourEXO PLUS™ Anti-Aging Cream that is jam packed with exosomes–not too much though, as I don’t want it to clog the pores.

Q: How do your products differ from other exosome-based skincare products out there?

We are the first brand to use our proprietary exosomes across the entire line, meaning every one of our products harnesses the power of our exosomes. We have a patented production process that ensures the safest and highest quality products with rigorous quality control. Our exosomes are obtained from adipose tissue that have been extracted from tissues that are safely and ethically sourced from FDA compliant donors and all our donor tissue is screened and tested. Through our patented process, we isolate, identify, characterize, and tune our exosomes to specifically target skin.

Q: How has your skin changed since using Exoceuticals®products?

I have never received so many compliments on my skin as I have since starting to use Exoceuticals®. My skin is more hydrated and plumper than previously. It also has a nice glow and brighter, moreyouthful appearance.

Q: What’s the secret to all your success so far?

I think the secret to success is showing up. Success rarely happens overnight and, in my opinion, requires commitment and perseverance. It requires hard work and dedication, along with consistent effort, a willingness to learn from failure, and determination to keep going despite setbacks.

As an anesthesiologist, mother of two, a Bravo TV personality, and now an Exoceuticals partner, how do you juggle it all?

I think it’s easy to take credit for one’s own success, but my success would not have been possible without an incredible support system. I truly believe in “it takes a village” and I’ve been blessed with wonderful friends and family who have supported and encouraged me along the way. Having a great support system allows me the ability to focus on numerous tasks and fill multiple roles. My mom is a huge help, especially when it comes to watching the kids.

I also believe that preparation is key. I’m extremely organized and meticulous when it comes to time management and planning out my day. Despite advances in technology, I still use a paper planner and monthly calendar to organize my days. I also use reminders on my phone, so I don’t forget meetings or deadlines. I’ve also learned to be unapologetic about setting boundaries with my time. When I was younger, I had a difficult time saying “No” to people or events. Now I realize that in order to give the best version of myself, I have to limit my activities and not wear myself thin.

Q: How do you practice self-care?

Despite a very busy schedule, I try to set aside at least an hour for myself every day. This typically involves waking up an hour earlier than anyone in my household so I can meditate, work out, and enjoy a cup of coffee. This one hour of self-care sets the entire tone for my day.

Q: Do you have a motto or mantra you live by?

Whether in business or my personal life, I believe, “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” Here’s my thought: you attract what you give. I believe in treating those around me with virtues—such as friendliness, respect, politeness, love, loyalty, and integrity—and hopefully this leads to a more positive and peaceful experience for everyone.

Q: What makes you feel beautiful?

A smile is the most beautiful thing a person can wear. Happy people are beautiful people. Beauty is not just about external appearances; it’s about energy, confidence, and your aura.

I feel the most beautiful when I’m happy and smiling.